Sudden hearing loss and dizziness

Sudden hearing loss and dizziness (Maryam)

Last year in about 15 March 2006, I lost the hearing suddenly while I was teaching (I am a computer trainer). I did not know that I lost the hearing tell my sister called me on my mobile and I thought there is no network coverage so every time my sister calls I was ending the call because I thought there is no coverage. After so many times I put the mobile on the other ear when I discovered that I can hear only by the right ear. one week later I regained the hearing in my left ear. Now from about 5 months I feel fainting while eating (I am setting while eating) and some time while I am standing I feel that ground is moving beneath my feet. I do have severe pain in my left eyes that extend to my head left side and recently it was extending to the back of my head, just behind my eyes. I also suffer from numbing at he back of my head and some times I feel as if someone is butting huge pressure on my head-backside. I am 33 years old female
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Sex: Female
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  • asktheneurologist

    Have you been examined by a neurologist or had any tests performed? If so what was found?

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  • Maryam

    Yes I went to a neurologist who has recommended an MRI test, which I’ll be doing on 27th August.

  • asktheneurologist

    Was the neurological examination normal?

    Specifically were there other signs such as abnormal eye movements, abnormal co-ordination, abnormal sensation or reflexes or abnormal walking when the neurologist examined you?

    Has a CT scan already been performed?

  • Maryam

    My neurologist gave me Neurobion medicine, which I did not take. Regarding the CT scan he did not asked for a CT scan and he did not say anything about signs such as abnormal eye movements, abnormal co-ordination, abnormal sensation or reflexes or abnormal walking when he examined me.

  • Maryam

    I got my MRI result. The result shows that I have a cavernous angioma (cavernoma) (small lesion on basal ganglion-5 millimeters). I really don’t know what does it mean? Is this thing is a tumor? If yes is it benign? How this thing will effect my life? Is there any other test I have to go through? What is the next thing I should do? And are there any questions that I have to ask my doctor? Most important is this thing is fatal?Please help me…can I send copy of my MRI to you? If yes please tell how by mail or post.
  • asktheneurologist

    You can save the images as jpegs and send them to us by e-mail

    Sudden Hearing Loss and Dizziness may indicate a process affecting the vestiboulocochlear or 8th cranial nerve system which is responsible for balance and hearing. I can tell you with certainty that a cavernous angioma (cavernoma) located in the basal ganglia would NOT cause sudden hearing loss in one ear as the only location in the central nervous system that can cause this is a specific area of the brainstem (way below the basal ganglia) where the 8th cranial nerve enters in the region of the upper medulla / lower pons. Any areas "above" this place cannot cause hearing loss in one ear as the information regarding hearing crosses from side to side and therefore any problem would affect the hearing in both ears.

    In any case the basal ganglia are not involved in the hearing process.

    Please note that a cavernous angioma (cavernoma) is not a tumor but an abnormality of the blood vessels which many people live with for years and indeed a whole lifetime without even feeling any symptoms. Sometimes they cause a small amount of loacalized bleeding. Most hemorrhages (bleeds) associated with the lesions are small and of low pressure which is why they often go unnoticed.

    Certainly no need to panic and I will make further comments when you send the images.

You can access a typical case presentation of a young lady with a cavernous angioma here.

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